One day I went for a run. While I was running I found this small piece of paper on the ground.

I almost ran right past it but I decided to pick it up. After I opened it up, I was a bit surprised.

I felt lucky, and decided to take it home. On my way home, my mind was racing trying to think of what I would spend my new-found fortune on. Nice dinner? Rent payment? New running shoes?

The Solution

My final decision was simple. I would use the money to help other people. The next week I took the money to the bank which was offering a special $100 bonus for opening a new account. I turned my $100 into $200 overnight. I decided to help 100 different people at $2 each to help make their day and spread the joy that I originally felt.

This began what I call the 101 Happy People Project


We bought a get well balloon for our friend in the hospital.


  1. Wow! This is SO inspiring that I decided to do one of my own! :) I bet the person who left the $100 never expected to have that affect this many people! Feel free to check out my story at:
    You are amazing!

  2. I just read about you in the New Era and I think you are awesome. I hope my children grow up looking for ways to serve those around them. It really is great that you are doing this. And you can make the number 102 because it has helped me to want to do better.

  3. Wow! This is the coolest story ever! I also read about in the New Era after my mom told me about it, and now we want to do it as a family! Thank you for inspiring others and encouraging them to do likewise :)

  4. We read your story in the New Era last night for Family Home Evening. We are now going to try to do simple things to help others over the next month (and beyond). Thanks for being so generous. You've inspired us, too!

  5. Geoff Nelson! You are my hero! It is totally Fate (a.k.a God) that you found that money and were inspired to use it the way you did. Because of you (and all the people following in your footsteps) the world is a little bit happier now. :)