One day I went for a run. While I was running I found this small piece of paper on the ground.

I almost ran right past it but I decided to pick it up. After I opened it up, I was a bit surprised.

I felt lucky, and decided to take it home. On my way home, my mind was racing trying to think of what I would spend my new-found fortune on. Nice dinner? Rent payment? New running shoes?

The Solution

My final decision was simple. I would use the money to help other people. The next week I took the money to the bank which was offering a special $100 bonus for opening a new account. I turned my $100 into $200 overnight. I decided to help 100 different people at $2 each to help make their day and spread the joy that I originally felt.

This began what I call the 101 Happy People Project


I bought 20 snack packs for a little over $5 and shared them will all my classmates on the last day of school.


I wanted to get a thank you gift for my friend who wrote the original article in the Daily Universe.  I found a board game with her name on it at the DI.  We played it and learned a surprising amount about geography.


My friend knows spanish and the only books he will read are Calvin and Hobbes.  I found an old Calvin and Hobbes book at the DI in spanish.  Perfect match.


I found an old VHS tape from the DI. The movie's title was the same name as my friend.  I bought the movie for fun, we watched it, and it was actually a ridiculously funny movie.


I have a pen pal who got engaged, so I sent $5 of McDonald's bucks in the mail along with a letter to the happy couple.